n i b e l u n g


Welcome to Nibelung! Presumably if you're here, you've read the fine print. If not, you should read it before proceeding.

1. Title

You could just call your ring something like "Jane's Ring," but what fun is that? We like outrageous titles here. We don't like vulgar ones. "Vulgar" is hard to define ... but if you have a title like "My [expletive] List of Sites," we will probably ask you to change it. You can list any sites you want, of course, but the titles are out in full view and we're a little more stringent about those.

Enter the title of your ring.

You can change the title later if you decide it isn't as wonderful as you thought.

2. Name

Your name. We prefer that you use your real name, but it will be displayed, so if you don't want to use your real name in public, feel free to abbreviate it or use a reasonable pseudonym.

Enter your name.

This, too, can be changed later.

3. Email

This needs to be an address that will actually reach the person who's running the ring. It will be verified by return mail within the next few days (when the Valkyries get to it). If the address isn't valid, your ring will be removed. We never do anything untoward with your address - see the fine print about our non-commercial use policy.

Your email address will be shown to people when they list your sites (although hopefully in a fairly spamproof way).

We regard your email address as proof that you're you. If you forget your password or have to ask the Valkyries to change anything for you, we will generally refuse unless the request comes from this address.

Enter your email address.

4. ID

This is the internal ID code for your site. It may be the least important item to you, but it's the most important to us - it's how Nibelung keeps track of you. For this reason, you may get a few messages saying "someone else is using that ID." Keep going Back and trying again until you come up with a unique one.

Your ID must be 3 to 10 characters long, and may not contain any characters other than the letters a through z, the digits 0 through 9, and underscores. You should make a note of your ID, as you will need it to get to your ring if you decide to hide your ring from the public.

Enter your ID.

5. Password

You need your password to make changes to your ring, so make a note of it.

That said, it's not a very secure password - we send it back and forth without encryption - it's just to help prevent other people from altering your ring. So don't use the same password you use for other, more important things, okay?

Your password must be 3 to 10 characters long, and may not contain any characters other than the letters a through z, the digits 0 through 9, and underscores. Enter it twice, to make sure you've typed it correctly.

Enter your password.

6. Do it!

Don't press the button more than once. Nibelung will churn for a while and then eventually take you to an empty list page where you can add sites. It helps if you hum a little from "Ride of the Valkyries" while you wait.

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